As an Elder Brother: Chapter 6

As an Elder Brother: Chapter 6

Zhou Yan couldn’t have known what Xu Feng had been thinking to himself, and said as he looked at the sword, “It’s a pity this sword doesn’t have a scabbard. With Xu Xiong Di’s left hand using the sword, I’m afraid it might not be very convenient. Once we get outside, we can find you a suitable scabbard for the sword.”

Xu Feng thanked him again and again, then said, “Since we have obtained this treasured sword, there is no need for us to find another way out. If we turn back around and cleave apart the rubble at the cave entrance, we can escape the cave.”

Zhou Yan thought about the sharpness of the treasured sword. Indeed, it wouldn’t be difficult to deal with a few chunks of rubble, but he still hesitated a bit, and said, “I think there is still something strange about this place. Doesn’t Xu Xiong Di want to keep looking exploring?”

Xu Feng said, “They are just some perverted objects, it’s best not to keep looking.”

Since he’d spoken like that, naturally, Zhou Yan couldn’t force it and the two followed the stone steps back. Countless hours had already passed since they had touched the mechanism at the cave entrance in the early morning, and followed the hidden path up till where they were currently located. They hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink for a whole day, even though they practiced martial arts with their body and mind, there were still some things that couldn’t be withstood.

Especially Xu Feng, who’d been affected by the aphrodisiac, and then been tossed into the water, had long become deathly tired. He wasn’t willing to sleep on the bed which had the erotic picture engraved into it, yet he compromised in the end, and the two rested for a night against a stone wall.

Xu Feng propped his back against the wall, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

It was an entire night without a dream.

When he woke up, all around him was still heavily quiet, and he didn’t know how much time had passed. The open fire that had been started earlier was still burning, Zhou Yan sat on one side, holding a piece of wood in his arms, and held a dagger to carefully whittle away.

Xu Feng was still a little dazed from sleeping, and asked, “Did Zhou Xiong not sleep for the whole night?”

Zhou Yan raised his head then said, “I already slept, I just woke up a little earlier than you.”

He bent his head again after he’d finished speaking and continued to carefully whittle at the piece of wood.

It wasn’t until that moment that Xu Feng saw clearly, realizing the piece of wood had been cut from the wooden shelves in the stone room, it had already been carved into the shape of a scabbard. Xu Feng’s heart moved, as he asked, “Why is Zhou Xiong making this?”

Zhou Yan didn’t answer him, and just said, “Just wait a moment, it will be done very soon.”

His hand holding the dagger was very steady, his wrist flew back and forth. Sure enough, only a moment had passed, and the scabbard was finished being carved. He handed the item over to Xu Feng, and said, “The secret path is very dark, use this for the time being, so as to not cut your hand while we walk.”

As Xu Feng took the scabbard, he saw that his hand had several new wounds. He’d spoken so impressively, to think that this was a person who came from a rich and honorable background, it was only natural that he wasn’t used to being a wood craftsman.

Xu Feng sheathed the sword in the scabbard, which fit surprisingly well. He was about to thank him, but Zhou Yan had already waved his hand, and said, “When we reach outside in a bit, Xu Xiong Di should roast some more pheasants for me, that will be considered as thanks enough.”

Xu Feng hadn’t eaten for a day and a night, and when he heard Zhou Yan bring this up, he couldn’t evade the feeling of hunger in his stomach. They hastily tidied up their things, then got up and continued to walk back. The several mechanisms along the hidden path had already been broken by Zhou Yan, thus the walk was a little faster as they traveled back, and they didn’t encounter any more situations the whole way.

The cave entrance was still blocked by rubble, and it was dark, without any daylight. Zhou Yan took the treasured sword in his hand, and channeled a strand of internal energy towards the point of the sword, then brandished it.

It seemed as if the sword was light as he lifted it. Xu Feng just stood off to the side, already feeling that the energy of the sword was terrifying.

As soon as the tip of the sword touched the pieces of rock, it was as if the rocks were like tofu, and were shattered, one after the other. With only a sword, a gap was cut open from the rubble. The matters that followed were much easier. Xu Feng also went forward to help, and the two very quickly moved the rubble apart, then practically rolled and crawled out of the mountain cavern.

The day was clear after the rain, and the sunshine was especially bright and colorful.

The two hadn’t realized while in the mountain cave, but now that the sunlight was shining upon them, they discovered they were both covered in dirt, their appearances extremely disorderly.

The two couldn’t help but look and smile at each other.

Xu Feng hadn’t laughed to his heart’s content in a while. Zhou Yan, who usually only moved the corners of his mouth, had revealed a somewhat stiff smiling expression. Xu Feng had gotten along with him for a couple of days, even though he felt they weren’t that close, he couldn’t help but say, “Zhou Xiong usually doesn’t smile very much.”

Zhou Yan didn’t speak, and just looked at him in that way, the smiling expression in his eyes seemed to deepen slightly.

Xu Feng thought once again, this person’s eyes were quite good looking.

After he’d rested enough, he went into the stream and washed himself, yet Zhou Yan didn’t freshen up, he first went and hunted two pheasants to bring back. Xu Feng used the fire to cook them like before, which increasingly smelled better and better. As thanks, he took the two legs of the bird and left them for Zhou Yan. Zhou Yan didn’t hold back, and ate them all cleanly. He praised Xu Feng again after he had finished eating, and said, “Xu Xiong Di’s workmanship really is superb, if I could eat the food you make everyday…”

He stopped halfway, who knew what he was thinking, when he suddenly paused again.

Xu Feng didn’t feel that anything was strange, and smiled slightly, then said, “Does Zhou Xiong want to hire me to be a cook? Too bad, there is no never-ending feast[1], after a few days have passed, we will have gone our separate ways.”

Zhou Yan said hurriedly, “Where is Xu Xiong Di going to go? Could it be that we’re both traveling the same way again?”

As Xu Feng heard this, his state of mind fluctuated for a moment.

For the three years he was at the Ji Le Palace, he constantly thought that if he escaped, he wouldn’t dare to open his heart to anyone else. Exactly like it was with Jin Shu who attended to him, there were also very few sincere words. He didn’t think that after he’d escaped, he would meet this strange man within a dense forest in the remote mountains, and would actually hit it off with each other.

He almost wanted to travel together with Zhou Yan, but thought better of it. He had just escaped from the Ji Le Palace, and didn’t know if the Palace Master had dispatched anyone to chase him either. Nevertheless, he couldn’t burden innocent people.

Xu Feng thought up to this point, then slowly retracted the smile on his face, and said, “Zhou Xiong and I really aren’t fellow travelers. No matter where I’m going, it’s unlikely to be the same way as Zhou Xiong.”

Zhou Yan stared then said softly, “Is that right?”

His tone had some trace of being abandoned.

Xu Feng pretended not to notice, and after he had eaten the pheasant, he went back into the cave and rested. After raising his spirits, he would set off tomorrow.

His sleep that night wasn’t very smooth and steady, the sky was still dusky when he woke up. Zhou Yan was sitting outside in front of the wind entrance, and seemed to be sleeping rather deeply.

Xu Feng felt his hand-carved scabbard, and thought about how he loved to eat what he cooked. He then climbed a tree and stole a couple of bird eggs, burying them in the dirt tightly until cooked, before he took them out and stuffed them in a cloth wrapper, giving him food to eat on the road.

After Zhou Yan had woken up, he saw that Xu Feng had already gotten everything ready, and truly lost a little bit of hope. He still seemed to want to urge him to stay, but Xu Feng didn’t give him a chance to talk, and cupped his fist, then said, “Many thanks to Zhou Xiong for the mutual protection in all respects these past couple of days. I am unable to repay this kindness, and can only hope that Zhou Xiong is able to find his honorable little brother soon. The reuniting of brothers, may that wish be fulfilled.”

Zhou Yan’s eyes faced him, and he said bitterly, “If only it were so.”

He then said, “Xu Xiong Di traveling by yourself, it would be right to be more careful.”

Xu Feng nodded his head and said, “Cyan mountains do not change, and green waters flow long[2], Zhou Xiong, let us part ways now.”

Zhou Yan had nothing more that could be said, and could only vapidly say, “Mn, may we meet again one day.”

Xu Feng had nothing on his person, leaning on the treasured sword, he meandered off on his own. He followed the water downstream, after he had walked a short while, he suddenly looked back. He only saw Zhou Yan, still standing in the same place as before, he gazed at the gray dot far away, unable to see his face clearly.

Xu Feng forcefully sighed a breath of air, and continued to walk ahead, forcing himself not to look back again.

He ate in the wind and slept in the dew for a few days like this, and finally walked out of the mountain valley. At first, all he saw was a wild landscape, later there were gradually more signs of human habitation, there were even times he could see small villages consisting of ten households.

Xu Feng was afraid his whereabouts would be revealed, so he specifically chose to walk along small, rugged roads during the daytime, and he would rest in the desolate, wild mountains outside of town at night. Like this, he was scared and on edge for over a month, and he never saw anyone sent from the Ji Le Palace to chase after him the entire time. Either the Palace Master had accepted that he had jumped off the cliff and had fallen to his death, or it wasn’t worth it to move troops and stir people for one male concubine such as himself. In short, Xu Feng’s worried heart had settled a bit.

He reckoned he’d already left the Ji Le Palace’s sphere of influence, and when he saw another city on the way, he even dared to enter and check it out, and made some money by selling his labor.

As a matter of fact, in these three years, the person he missed the most was his Master. It was just that the Palace Master was shrewd and sophisticated, and he couldn’t be sure if anyone was dispatched to monitor his sect doors, so in order to avoid involving the innocent, Xu Feng could only bear with it and didn’t return. When he passed by a small town on the way, he saw there was a room at the foot of the mountain next to the town that hunters used when they went hunting. It appeared to have fallen into disuse a long time ago, so he paid some money and rented it, living by himself in that log cabin simply and crudely.

While he entered the mountain and hunted, he started to practice his swordsmanship again which had fallen to disuse for ages.

Xu Feng wasn’t very naturally talented when it came to learning martial arts, but he firmly believed that diligence cured clumsiness, and was always relentless as he diligently practiced. Nowadays, with his mind was filled with revenge, he practiced the sword even more painstakingly. One day had twenty-four hours, of which he spent a large part of it practicing the sword.

He wasn’t used to using the sword with his left hand, so he had to relearn everything from scratch, it didn’t take many days for his hand to be worn down to blisters. He didn’t regard it as anything either, and took a strip of cloth and wound it around carelessly, then continued to practice.

Xu Feng had lived in the town for over half a month, he relied on hunting as his livelihood, and barely managed to keep warm and full. This day, he was practicing the sword in the empty space in front of his room, when a clap of thunder sounded in the air, it looked as if it was about to rain. He hadn’t finished practicing the set of sword-play yet, but he didn’t rush to enter the house to seek shelter from the rain, and scrupulously and methodically finished the remaining sword movements.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the rain started falling.

The rain poured quite heavily, falling onto Xu Feng’s face, with a slight stinging pain.

Xu Feng closed his eyes, and held tightly onto the sword in his hand.

He thought of those days when he had come across the Ji Le Palace’s Palace Master on the public road. That person’s hands were shining and white like jade, yet with only one move, he could flip him onto the floor. After that moment, he never saw the Palace Master raise his hand against anyone else. However, by merely seeing the abilities of the clan masters beneath him, he knew that that person’s martial arts was unfathomable.

It wasn’t okay, he still fell short by too much, way too much.

Xu Feng stood in the rain, and made himself to practice the set of sword movements from start to finish once again. He imagined himself fighting the Palace Master, each time he only made three moves, before being defeated under that person’s hand.

His heart was filled with a hatred that was difficult to suppress, and while he wasn’t thinking or aware, he used his internal energy. A strand of zhenqi wandered about the inside of his body, and when it moved to a certain place, he suddenly became sluggish, as if he had encountered a blockage. Xu Feng didn’t take it seriously, and took in a breath of air with difficulty, then wielded the sword boldly.

The zhenqi went wild in a split second, and randomly buzzed and crashed about in his body, charging into his stomach in the end. He suddenly felt a burst of severe pain, not even able to hold the sword in his hand anymore, it fell onto the floor with a ‘clang’.

Xu Feng valued this treasured sword rather highly, and hurriedly bent his body over to retrieve the sword. Who would’ve known that he would unexpectedly experience a dizzy spell, and couldn’t pick up the sword no matter how he tried. His stomach was both tight and painful, he opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood.

The watery blood mixed with the rainwater as it dripped down. Xu Feng staggered a couple of steps, and could no longer hold himself up, in a moment he would fall to the ground, but someone rushed to his side, and reached out their hand and grasped his waist.

Xu Feng was startled, he took great pains to open his eyes, and saw a waxy yellow face. Indeed, it was the Zhou Yan whom he hadn’t seen in many days.

Zhou Yan used his other hand to feel his pulse. He only pressed for a little while, and frowned as he said, “The meridians are going in the wrong direction, and the zhenqi is running rampant… This is a sign of qi deviation[3].”

As long as a person practiced martial arts, hearing the words[1]  “qi deviation,” would invariably be facing a powerful enemy[4]. Yet Xu Feng had no response, and only felt like his body was in a dream, he asked Zhou Yan, “Why is Zhou Xiong here?”

Zhou Yan said, “I encountered you by chance.”

Who would these words fool?

Of course, Xu Feng didn’t believe him.

Zhou Yan was forced to say, “Perhaps this matter should be discussed later, your body is still more important.”

As he spoke, he reached out his hand and wiped off the traces of blood beside Xu Feng’s lips. Perhaps the rainwater was too cold, Xu Feng felt his fingers tremble slightly.

Zhou Yan carried Xu Feng into the house, and first used the blankets and wrapped them around his drenched body, then hurriedly started up a fire.

Xu Feng muddle-headedly leaned against the bed, feeling several strands of zhenqi surging and stirring in his body, shaking his bones to all ache dully. The zhenqi was unrestrained, colliding inside all of his limbs and bones, then collected in his stomach again. His stomach felt like a flame was burning, as if it was going to explode and split open.

Xu Feng was tasting the flavor of qi deviating for the first time. He couldn’t hold it back in the end, and cried out in pain with an ‘ah’.

Zhou Yan hastily rushed to the bedside, then reached out his hand and came into contact with his pulse, his brows becoming more wrinkled and taut. His hand explored up next to Xu Feng’s collarbone, he then paused for a moment, before he lowered his voice and said, “Xu Xiong Di, excuse me.”

After he had finished speaking, he opened Xu Feng’s clothes.

Xu Feng was already somewhat dazed, but he was still thinking about the sword, and said, “Zhou Xiong, my sword was thrown away outside.”

Zhou Yan replied, “No problem, it can’t be lost.”

In two or three moments he had taken off Xu Feng’s clothes. He held a handkerchief and wiped randomly. Soon after, he even sat on the bed himself, and, letting Xu Feng lean in his embrace, he used his hand to gently support his back.

Xu Feng was only aware of a strand of warm energy spreading open from the heart of his back and then mixing in one place with the zhenqi that was scattering everywhere. The two strands of energy contended with each other, and made him more ill than before. His face turned white from the pain, his body became suddenly hot then cold, as if half of him was burning in a fire, and half was soaking in water.

His mind was also beginning to lose it, some blurry memories unceasingly appeared before his eyes. One moment was when he was on the road fleeing from disaster, sticking out one foot after the other, simply following behind his elder brother. The next, was when Master had rescued him and had returned to the mountains and he was learning the arts with his fellow sect brothers. Then, it was when the scorching sun was blazing hot, and he was walking along the long public road without an end, hearing the clip-clop of horse’s hoof-beats in his ear.

The last one was when he was pressed onto the bed by somebody. The Palace Master’s slender, fair fingers held onto his lower jaw. He was both mortified and resentful, the zhenqi unceasingly shaking the inside of his body seemed to suddenly find an exit. He opened his mouth and bit the person’s hand.

The person didn’t struggle at all, still clutching onto him and didn’t let go.

Both of Xu Feng’s eyes turned red, he bit down deeper and more ruthlessly. It wasn’t long before he tasted the sweet flavor of blood.

The person didn’t make a sound, and only tightly embraced him like that, his other hand supported his back. Internal energy was being sent into his body in a steady flow. The strand of internal energy followed along his meridians and moved into his dantian’s sea of energy, making his originally chaotic zhenqi gather up one after another.

Xu Feng felt like his hands and feet were void of any energy, but a strand of warmth rose up within his dantian. The pain in his stomach had also receded quite a bit, and before he knew it, he had already fallen asleep.

Zhou Yan had spent too much internal energy, and he was somewhat not as strong as he wished to be. After he stuffed Xu Feng back under the blankets again, he fell asleep while keeping watch over him.

The next day Xu Feng fell ill. Firstly, because he was drenched in the rain, and secondly, there was also the matter of the qi deviation. Even though Zhou Yan had helped him clear the way for his zhenqi, his meridians were damaged after everything was said and done. His lungs and bowels were injured, and as if the bones throughout his body had been shattered into pieces, even one little movement was terribly painful.

The following few days he was in and out of sleeping and waking. When he slept, he would experience all kinds of monstrous and multicolored dreams. When he woke up, he saw Zhou Yan bustling about the cabin.

Zhou Yan noticed he had woken up, and sent a spoon of soup next to his mouth, feeding him a little bit of light porridge. The porridge was both salty and sweet, the flavor was honestly very bad, it was obvious that Zhou Yan had cooked it himself.

Xu Feng thought mistily, he had nursed him to health, and had even made food for him.

It went like this for a few days, all things considered, his injury was gradually getting better, except that he slept a lot, and there were times he would speak nonsense as he dreamed. This day, Zhou Yan was in the house cooking porridge, when he heard him cry out in his dream as he slept, “Father! Mother!”

The sound carried a bit of a sobbing tone, exactly as if tearing apart the heart and splitting open the lung[5].

Zhou Yan hurriedly walked to the bedside and used his sleeve to wipe away his sweat.

Xu Feng’s eyes were shut tightly, dreaming about who knows what. Then he suddenly cried out, “Da Ge…”

Zhou Yan’s heart flipped, and he couldn’t help but hold his hand, then responded with an extremely low voice, “Di Di…”

Xu Feng seemed to have heard the sound, and suddenly opened his eyes. In the beginning he was still a little at a loss, then he carefully looked at Zhou Yan for a while, and his expression became sober and calm. There was a glimmer in his eyes, he sighed then said, “Zhou Xiong, so it was you.”

Zhou Yan looked at his expression, only aware of the inside of his mouth becoming sour. He couldn’t speak for quite a while.

Xu Feng didn’t talk to him either, he closed his eyes again very quickly and fell into a deep sleep. This sleep lasted straight until the evening of the next day. When he woke up, he felt like his body had gained some energy, and he sat up slowly against the head of the bed.

Zhou Yan kept watch by his side the whole time, and when he saw that he had woken up, he carried the porridge over to feed him.

Xu Feng used his left hand to take the spoon, then said, “Thank you for your trouble, Zhou Xiong. Allow me to do this by myself.”

The porridge had minced meat added to it, the flavor was still odd. Xu Feng knitted his brow, and ate it spoonful by spoonful. He asked as he ate, “How come Zhou Xiong is here?”

Even though he had been sick for a period of time, he still remembered the matter of Zhou Yan suddenly appearing that day. Zhou Yan didn’t conceal it any longer, and said truthfully, “After the day you and I separated, I just kept following behind Xu Xiong Di the whole time.”

Xu Feng was startled when he heard that, and was very internally astonished.

Zhou Yan continued and said, “Perhaps, Xu Xiong Di has forgotten, originally I burst into the dense forest for the purpose of evading someone chasing to kill me.”

At this, Xu Feng recalled that he had brought up this matter before, “You won a competition, and your opponent refused to accept it, so they sent people to come kill you?”

“Yes.” Zhou Yan nodded his head, “My body was injured, and I was afraid I might encounter them on the main road. I saw Xu Xiong Di specifically select the small roads to travel along, so I simply followed behind you. Firstly, it was to save some energy, secondly, if something truly occurred, then it would be good to have someone to cooperate with as well.”

“Afterwards I settled down in this town…”

“I saw this village had verdant mountains and limpid waters[6], and stood aloof from worldly strife.[7] It’s a good place to nurse one’s injuries, so I followed suit and settled down as well.”

Although his reasoning was a little far-fetched, it could be considered enough justification. He had just saved Xu Feng’s life, so of course, he couldn’t doubt him, and said, “Zhou Xiong’s old wounds haven’t recovered yet, and also has spent internal energy in order to save me, why…?”

Zhou Yan spoke lightly, “It is nothing.”

A pair of eyes only stared at the porridge in his bowl.

Xu Feng had spoken for quite a while, and had in fact, only drunk less than half of the porridge. This time, under his gaze, it actually would be ungrateful to accept the kindness, and he could only finish off the rest.

The corners of Zhou Yan’s mouth raised slightly, as if he was rather happy.

Xu Feng suddenly felt that the porridge wasn’t so hard to swallow. After he had finished eating, he tried to move his energy. To his surprise, there was a burst of dull pain in his dantian, unexpectedly, there wasn’t even a strand of internal energy.

His heart sunk, and secretly thought to himself that after he had qi deviated, could it be that all of the martial arts in his body had been completely crippled?

His heart sunk, and he secretly thought to himself that after he had qi deviated, could all of the martial arts in his body been completely crippled?

When he thought of this, a cold sweat couldn’t help but drip down.

Zhou Yan knew what was going through his mind. He held his hand and sent a gentle strand of internal energy gradually into his body, then said, “This time, Xu Xiong Di’s injuries aren’t light, from now on you must recuperate in bed. There must not be any martial arts practice for half a month at the very least.”

When the internal energy entered his body, Xu Feng felt a strand of zhenqi rise up from his sea of energy. It had risen up in response. He knew his martial arts wasn’t crippled, and at long last sighed a breath of air.

He had recently eaten the bitter taste of qi deviation, and knew that the circumstances of that day had been perilous. If Zhou Yan hadn’t reached out and saved him, he would have fallen alone outside of the door. Crying to the heavens would have had no response, crying to the earth would have been ineffective, the best case would’ve been that he would’ve lost all of his internal energy, and in the worst case… even his life wouldn’t have been guaranteed.

He wasn’t afraid of dying, it was just the thought of him dying quietly in this small village, while the Palace Master, who did all kinds of evil, was licentious and happy in the Ji Le Palace, how would he be able to be satisfied?

As Zhou Yan helped him restore his inner breath, he said, “The most harmful thing to do while learning martial arts is to be eager for instant success and quick profits. I see that you are practicing martial arts way too frequently. If you continue like this, you will probably qi deviate again.”

Xu Feng also knew that he, himself, had been too impatient, and said, “To tell you the truth, I have an extremely powerful opponent, and my martial arts can’t compare to his. In fact, it is the difference between the heavens and the earth. If I don’t study diligently and train hard, I’m afraid after ten, or twenty years, I still may not be his match.”

Zhou Yan lowered his head and asked, “What is the background of your enemy?”

Xu Feng opened his mouth, but couldn’t say anything.

The three words of the Ji Le Palace, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t know in Jiang Hu, it was common knowledge. If he said this out loud, he wouldn’t be able to conceal the fact that he had been trapped in that depraved hole. Even if he couldn’t speak about this matter with his Master, moreover with Zhou Yan whom he just got to know for not very long?

There wasn’t anyone who haven’t heard of the three words, “Ji Le Palace”. It was common knowledge. If he said this out loud, he wouldn’t be able to conceal the fact that he had been trapped in that depraved hole. If he couldn’t even speak about this matter with his Master, then even more so with Zhou Yan, whom he just got to know for not very long.

But he didn’t want to randomly come up with a lie to deal with it either, so he said, “My enemy is not only excellent at martial arts, their behavior is also vicious and merciless, my right hand was destroyed by their hand. The less Zhou Xiong knows, the better.”

Sure enough, Zhou Yan didn’t ask any further, and just said, “The reason you whole-heartedly and diligently practice martial arts, is so that you can find him and take revenge?”

“If I only sought ease and comfort, and lived in seclusion in this small town from this moment on, the land under the heavens is vast, that person wouldn’t necessarily find me.” Xu Feng’s right hand didn’t have any strength, and could only clench his left hand in a fist, as he said, “But with this… with this deep hatred and great resentment, can it be let go of just like this? Rather than hiding for a lifetime, I would rather stake my whole life and risk it. I know myself that my skills aren’t good, but if ten years aren’t enough then twenty years. If twenty years aren’t enough, then thirty years, there will be a day in the end when I have mastered martial arts and can personally kill that person in revenge.”

Because Xu Feng was still sick, both of his hands were cold like ice, and even though Zhou Yan held his hands in his, they still became somewhat colder. His voice hoarse, he repeated Xu Feng’s words in a low voice, “Mn, you must kill him no matter what.”

Translator: God

English Proofreader: Grumpykit

QC: Xiao

Xiao’s Comments: I find it fascinating that Xu Feng finds Zhou Yan’s eyes the most good looking, considering that that’s probably the only facial feature that Zhou Yan hadn’t disguised…

Translator’s Notes:

[1] No never ending feast – 天下无不散的筵席, all good things must come to an end

[2] Cyan mountains do not change, green waters flow long – 青山不改,绿水长流, I think it’s like the relationship is strong like the unchanging mountain, and they will see each other again like the flowing river.

[3] Qi deviation – 走火入魔,

[4] Facing a powerful enemy – 如临大敌, to be on guard for all possible dangers

[5] Tearing apart the heart and splitting open the lung – 撕心裂肺, something extremely sad

[6] Verdant mountains and limpid waters – 山清水秀, to have beautiful scenery

[7] To stand aloof of worldly strife – 与世无争, pretty sure this means peaceful

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